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Wide Shoes and Getting The Proper Fit

Wide Shoes and Getting The Proper Fit

In an average lifetime we walk about 100,000 miles. That is a tough job for your feet and why properly fitting, comfortable shoes are so important. "When your feet hurt everything hurts" is a common phrase used by us because issues with the feet do effect the rest of the body, such as knees and back. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), women’s visits to the doctor for foot complaints went up 75% in recent years!  Properly fitting, high quality shoes is essential to preventing foot problems. 

According to The Wall Street Journal a recent survey showed that over 50% of women admit to wearing the wrong size shoe. It all begins with getting your foot measured, at SAS Yonkers we pride ourselves on being able to conduct foot measurements for every client to ensure a great fit. Getting your foot measured is just the starting point, other variables are accounted for. Foot problems such as hammer toes, bunions, swelling, high arches, flat feet, neuropathy, high insteps, and more are factored into the sizing and fitting of your shoe. Because of this it is hard to say you are one size and why we may suggest a different size then you have been used to wearing. Not all shoes fit the same, it can vary depending on brand or even style.

Wide feet are among the most common foot problems. Many factors can attribute to wide feet including weight gain, pregnancy, genetics, fallen arches, and poor fitting shoes. SAS Shoes Yonkers offers their customers as many as 88 size and width combinations for women and 112 for men. This include Wide Shoes, Double Wide Shoes, and even Triple Wide Shoes in some styles. In addition to wide sizes we have styles which have extra depth and deep toe boxes for extra room in the toes. Styles that run wide and broad in the toes and styles with soft forgiving leather. Lace ups and velcro straps are good for extra support and wide feet that may swell up and change size. 

So if you have trouble finding wide shoes, narrow shoes, or just plain comfortable shoes, come into SAS Shoes Yonkers and be measured and fitted in a pair of our comfort shoes or sandals. If your have any other questions or want to see our store location click HERE.



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