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Extra Wide Sock Company

The Extra Wide Sock Company is a family owned company that’s been in business since 1996. Their name says all you really need to know about them; they are all about extra wide socks. After many years in the retail clothing industry, they realized that there was a significant demand for wider socks whether it was for medical reasons or simply because people wanted a wider, more comfortable fitting sock. You asked for a wider sock---Extra Wide Sock Company heard you!

Foot health is a very important aspect of overall health, and, although taking care of your feet may not be very glamorous, it is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

So how can you make your feet happy? Well, you have to support them properly and provide them with enough cushioning. This means that wearing the right shoes and socks is essential. Many companies have focused on providing wider, larger and more supportive shoes but very few companies have focused on socks.

Extra Wide Socks provide the necessary support and comfort you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. So whether you need a medical sock for health reasons or you simply want a more comfortable sock, the Extra Wide Sock Company’s Socks are for you!