Men’s Orthotic Inserts

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SAS Orthotic inserts have been biomechanically designed to meet the exacting standards used by many professional foot care providers. SAS Orthotic Inserts can releive many existing conditions, as well as prevent the development of foot health problems.

A non-slip, "stays-in-place" bottom surface on all SAS Orthotic Inserts - the result of a proprietary manufacturing process - allows for a more secure fit and better anatomical positioning of orthoses.

Note: Come in 2 sizes (N - M) and (W - WW).

(N -M) : fits either a Narrow or Medium shoe.
(W - WW) : fits either a Wide or a Double Wide shoe.
These inserts can be customized to fit most SAS shoes by trimming away excess material to fit your shoe’s size and width.
  • Special Design: Designed for those with diabetes, arthritis or other conditions that result in sensitive feet.

  • Multi-Density Support: Cushioning that is made from a combination of Plastazote® and open-cell polyurethane provide maximum support for the entire foot

  • Non-Slip Texture: Textured bottom is made to stay in place and resist slipping around in the shoe.

  • Self-Contouring: The foot bed is shaped over our exclusive SAS® last for an anatomical design. Foot bed molds to the shape of the foot for a more custom fit. A strong metatarsal and arch support offer total foot contact for those with medium to high arches.

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