Foundation Exemplar Compression Stockings

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Sheer Exemplar TM has all the benefits of a medical grade graduated compression, in a soft lightweight knee high stocking. it is specially designed to easily put on because of its unique tubular construction. Soft, durable and comfortable hosiery that can be worn all day.

Foundation Sheer Exemplar Support Hosiery is expertly made in the USA. Graduated compression enhances venous return while sitting or standing for extended periods. This supports circulation which minimizes tired legs and swelling. Great for regular wear and travel.

  • Improves Circulation
  • Minimizes Leg Fatigue and swelling
  • Soft and easy to put on
  • Moderate 15-20 mmHG genuine graduated compression
  • Revolutionary new tubular design
  • Non-binding top
  • Ladies dress or everyday wear
  • 2 sizes Regular / Queen (fuller calves)
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