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Made in Canada, guaranteed waterproof.

Canadian made, guaranteed waterproof, great fitting footwear that you will feel comfortable in every day. That's the mandate of all of our Toe Warmers boots. Whatever Mother Nature sends your way, Toe Warmers has you covered.

Look to the North...

In Canada, we know and understand cold winter weather. So it only makes sense that winter boots, made in Canada would come naturally to us. We design and manufacture our Toe Warmers boots with great care and attention to detail, making sure they will keep you warm, comfy and protected from whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

Quality Made

Toe Warmers are made by hand using high quality materials. From waterproof leathers to high Tech synthetic materials we source and use the right material for your boots. And each pair is loaded with comfort and fitting features such as weather resistant outsoles, thick plush linings and collars and Warmtex® Thermal heating radiating insoles...all with your comfort in mind.

Canadian Made

We are proud of our Canadian heritage. And we are proud to still make high quality boots in Canada. Our factory in Quebec is helping to keep that tradition boot at a time. We think you will value and appreciate the Toe Warmers difference.

Choose Your Own Direction.

Quality made, great fitting footwear that you will feel comfortable in every day. That’s the mandate of all of our Wanderlust products. From Winter boots, 3 season boots to sandals and shoes, we have you covered. So you truly can...choose your own direction.

Wanderlust Gives You Options...

With Wanderlust you can make the choice that fits your needs. We offer boots in many color ways, in many heights and in many different styles. If you need a short boot for dashing from your house to your car...we have that. If you need something more rugged to keep weather out...we have you covered. And if you are looking for something a little more sporty for guessed it we have that too. It’s all up to you to Choose your own direction.

Quality Made

Wanderlust are made for comfort. We have loaded every pair with the features that guarantee your comfort. They are guaranteed waterproof. They feature Warmtex metallic heat radiating insoles for warmth. They have easy on features like strategically placed zippers for convenience. Many feature Vegan fabrics and constructions. Some are even made with a -40˚ cold rating!

Style, Comfort and Choice

Part of our mandate is to provide comfortable footwear...and Wanderlust is no exception. Every pair is made to look great, to feel great and to fit well with your needs. Wanderlust...the perfect way to Choose your own direction.