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The Dream

The Dream

Never has a name been more fitting for a shoe then Dream. The shoe that fits like a dream, it is one of our best selling shoes at SAS Shoes Yonkers because most people who put it on for the first time feel like it was custom made to their foot.

Handcrafted from fine leather, this sleek slip-on features true moccasin construction. What we mean by a true moccasin construction is a very soft, supple leather is used with a wraparound construction. It has a single layer section which forms the insole, vamp and quarters. This gives you the extra layer of cushion under your foot. 

Pillow-soft lining, TRIPAD® Technology, and a removable cushioned footbed also comfort each step. Our TRIPAD® Technology is the comfort system that provides shock-absorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

  1. Genuine Moccasin Construction - For flexibility and comfort, a genuine leather upper wraps completely around the foot. SAS EZ GoreTM - gore system is built to hold the foot securely in place with no biting across the top of the foot whether stationary or in motion.
  2. Removable SAS Comfort Footbed - This removable foam padded footbed comforts from heel to toe.
  3. SAS TRIPAD® Cushions - Our TRIPAD® cushions the three pressure points of the foot: the inside ball, outside ball and heel. This material is made to keep its shock-absorbing capacity.
  4. SAS Lightweight Supersoft® Sole - Millions of tiny air bubbles in our molded polyurethane sole provide shock-absorption and cushion each step. A Soft Step heel with a wide heel base adds stability and reduces heel shock.

The Dream features a wedge with a heel height of approximately 1.5". It is available in eight different colors including leather, nubuck and soft patent leather. Narrow sizes are available in most colors and triple wide is available in black.


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