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S-Motion Technology

S-Motion Technology

This type of rocker sole can benefit people who have pain or issues in the ball of their foot or in their toes. With this type of rocker sole you are never really putting full pressure on the ball of your foot or your heel so they are helpful when walking, standing for long periods or when you have issues or pain in those areas of the foot. 

Comfort Down to a Science

S-Motion Technology accentuates the three-part walking motion: heel-strike, mid-point arch and toe push-off. This helps the natural stride and is made to improve walking.

  1. Heel Strike - The heel is well-cushioned and sturdy to absorb shock and support initial impact with each step.

  2. Mid-Arch - Excellent arch support provides structure during the middle of the walking motion/
  3. Toe Push Off - An energetic, natural step from the first two motions will result in a powerful push-off from the toes. 


Women's Styles Available in S-Motion Technology. 

The Walk Easy, A lace up, high toe box, lace up walking shoe. Available in six colors in leather and nubuck. And the Step Out. A "Mary Jane" type shoe with extra cushion and room in the toes. Available in black and brown.

Men's Styles Available in S-Motion Technology.

The Move On. A lace up, diabetic approved, walking shoe available in wide (WWW in some colors) and narrow widths. Available in Black, two shades of brown, and camel. And the Cruise On. A slip on style available in narrow and wide sizes in Black and Brown.


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