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New Arrivals: Brooks

New Arrivals: Brooks


 We are happy to now be carrying Brooks sneakers in store! They are a great addition. Not only do they offer great support and a variety of sizes, but they come in some great color combos!

Brooks has been around since 1914 when they started making ballet slippers and bath shoes! Now they have become a favorite to a lot of serious runners and also for people with foot problems looking for a comfortable well fitting sneaker. 

The Women's Ghost 15 is one of their more popular sneakers and for good reason. The Ghost 15 is designed for runners or walkers who seek comfort, stability, and sleek design. It has BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning technology that provides a soft and comfortable ride while retaining responsiveness and durability. Another notable feature of the shoe is the updated midsole that includes additional foam beneath the forefoot and Extreme Sockliner, improving an already comfortable design. Brooks Ghost 15 heel ensures a smoother footstrike with Segmented Crash Pad technology that adapts to every footfall, improving the overall experience for runners who suffer from pronation. The shoe's outsole comprises a durable and rugged rubber, providing stability and grip in slippery conditions. You can choose from a range of trendy colors, providing more options to meet your uniqueness. Additionally, the shoes come in various sizes ranging from 5 to 13 and medium and wide widths, making sure there is a shoe option for everyone looking for comfort, style, and value. And it is made from sustainable materials! 

The Brooks Women's Glycerin GTS 20 sneakers are perfect for runners or walkers who require additional cushioning and support in their footwear. The shoe features Brooks' BioMoGo DNA technology, which dynamically adapts to the foot's shape, providing optimal support and comfort. The GuideRails holistic support system ensures the proper alignment of the wearer's foot during their gait, reducing the likelihood of foot injuries. Also, the shoe's spacious design accommodates custom orthotics, and the shoe is available in wide widths.

The Brooks Women's Ariel 20 shoes are ideal for runners with severe pronation or flat feet. These shoes feature Midsole Drop, which makes it comfortable to use for activities such as running or simply for walking. The shoe also features a polyurethane material that is durable and provides excellent support, ensuring stability while reducing energy loss while running. The cushioning design and soft fabric lining provide added comfort and durability. Brooks Ariel 20 shoes come in sizes, ranging from 5 to 12, accommodating various foot sizes. Additionally, customers can choose between a regular, wide or extra wide width option, ensuring there is a shoe option for virtually every foot shape and size. This shoe has the maximum cushion and support.


The Brooks Women's Revel 6 is designed for runners or walkers who love versatility and style. This is the most lightweight of the Brooks sneakers we have. The simplicity and comfort of the shoe provide you with the necessary elements. The midsole uses BioMoGo DNA technology that provides shock absorption and helps to reduce stress on the leg muscles, making it an ideal shoe favorite for long runs or walks. The upper part consists of an engineered mesh that provides a precise fit around the foot while providing adequate air circulation, preventing the foot from sweating during prolonged exercises. Another notable feature of Brooks Revel 6 shoes is the HPR Plus outsole that provides a high level of durability in areas where extreme abrasion is expected, making the shoe resistant to wear and tear.


The Brooks Addiction Walker is an exceptional sneaker that stands out for its built-in arch support, built-in motion control, and durable design. It comes in both a lace or velcro option and is available for men and women. The shoe is perfect for people who spend extended periods standing or walking, often leading to discomfort or other foot-related issues. The design of the Brooks Addiction Walker shoe is the perfect combination of comfort and support, which helps in alleviating foot pain and makes your feet feel relaxed even after a long day. The shoes are also perfect for walking on uneven surfaces, such as hiking trails or for working in slippery conditions, thanks to their slip-resistant rubber outsoles.  This shoe is more suitable for people with low arches or flat feet, although people with overpronation or severe foot pain can also use it. The shoe provides excellent arch support, which promotes a better gait cycle and reduces the likelihood of resulting injuries. The Walker's extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology minimizes heel and ankle stress while stabilizing the heel transition, reducing the likelihood of severe injuries. The Addiction Walker design ensures the foot stays in place and accommodates custom orthotics. It come in regular, wide and extra wide widths.

The Men's Brooks Beast 20 sneaker is designed to provide excellent support and stability, which is essential, especially for people with flat feet or low arches. The Brooks Beast 20 shoe's cushioning system helps absorb shock during physical activities, making it ideal for runners and other athletes. Moreover, it also features a molded insole that supports the arch of the foot and helps maintain balance. With a spacious design that accommodates custom orthotics, anyone can use this shoe to provide the necessary support required for their feet. Brooks Beast 20 is an exceptional choice for runners or walkers who suffer from overpronation, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis. The innovative GuideRail technology in the shoe ensures optimal support and stability for the foot to minimize discomfort. The shoe also comes with a BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning system, supplying unique comfort and equal weight distribution across the foot. The Brooks Beast 20's outsole also provides durable traction, ensuring a secure grip on the road or the trail. Customers will be pleased to learn that they can choose from regular, wide or extra wide width options accommodating various foot sizes.

So to summarize the unique features and benefits of each Brooks sneaker style that we have here at Steve's Shoes. Brooks Addiction Walker is an excellent choice for people who spend extended periods standing or walking as it has built-in arch support and can help alleviate foot pain. Brooks Beast 20 is suitable for individuals with flat feet or low arches as it provides exceptional stability with its GuideRails technology. Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 is designed for runners or walkers who require an extra cushioned and supportive shoe. It incorporates BioMoGo DNA technology, which dynamically adapts to the foot's shape and provides optimal cushioning. Brooks Revel 6 is a durable and versatile running shoe that is ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts. It is lightweight and responsive, providing an optimal balance between cushioning and support. Brooks Ghost 15 is all-around running, walking or everyday shoes, providing excellent flexibility and energy return. Finally, Brooks Ariel 20 is designed to offer exceptional support for women who have flat feet, low arches, or those who require maximum support for overpronation. The shoe incorporates GuideRails technology and has a spacious and accommodating build to support the foot properly.

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