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Linen Smooth
Cognac Smooth
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Feast your feet on our original, most popular comfort sandal. The Nimes belongs to our New City collection, and for good reason too. With more coverage and more support than ten toes could hope for, there’s never been a more perfect shoe for walking city blocks in absolute comfort and style. Not to say that these versatile summer musts aren’t also great in the country, of course.


  • High-quality buckles provide easy adjustability
  • High-quality velcro fasteners provide easy adjustability
  • Polyurethane soles are lightweight, flexible, and durable
  • Natural cork footbeds provide proper support and make walking a dream
  • Leather covered footbeds are comfortable, durable and absorb perspiration
  • Leather lined uppers allow shoes to breathe and absorb perspiration
  • Specially developed memory foam shapes itself to the foot and feels wonderfully soft
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