Kid's Active Clog

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Charcoal / Sport Blue
Lavender / Island Aqua
C4 / C5
C6 / C7
C8 / C9
C10 / C11
C12 / C13
J1 / J2
J3 / J4

Independent kids who go everywhere and get into everything choose the Active Clog for every activity. They're durable, comfortable, and a quick-clean after a long day of play.

Joybees are made of EVA, which will shrink if exposed to heat. We advise keeping your shoes out of direct sunlight and excessive heat. They won't shrink while you're wearing them, but don't leave them on the front seat of a hot car while at soccer practice.

Cleaning: After a long day of play, rinse clean with cool, soapy water and a gentle scrub.

Active Clog Benefits

Zero Stinkies Quick-Clean Feather-Weight
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