For more than two decades, Spring Footwear has been dedicated to providing the consumer with shoes that feel great in the designs that fit their lives. Founded in 1991 on the concept that a good idea in Europe is a good idea in America, Spring footwear is focused on identifying successful footwear trends and designs in Europe with the goal of bringing them to the US market where they can be bought, worn and enjoyed by our customers. From professional wear to weekend wear, they provide men and women comfortable, stylish footwear for nearly every occasion in their active lives.

We have three collection's from Spring Step here at Steve's Shoes. 

Spring Step Professional

Comfort and safety for the workplace. Fashionable styles for men and women. Oil and skid resistant with anti-fungal, antibacterial, removable insoles.



Flexus was born with the idea to merge both concepts and provides the ideal comfort environment by using anatomically shaped footbeds with memory foam that provide maximum support to alleviate any foot pressure, while still utilizing very flexible outsoles and stretchy materials, allowing for the free movement of the foot. We view it just like a pair of socks with a supportive outsole that is shock absorbing.


Featuring long-lasting designs with carefully considered details and construction techniques, every pair of L'Artiste shoes is an example of wearable art.